Meet Scott

Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent

Putting the customer first since 2003.


I am a licensed agent in 30 states, which means I must keep up to date on all laws, regulations and policies in every on of those states. This requires studying, testing and being able to disseminate this information - not only to my customers, but also to the hundreds of agents that I have worked with over the last 17 years. 

As a Husband, father of 7, and grandfather of 4, I certainly understand why health insurance is so important.  I treat every client like they are part of my family, so I make sure they are covered as well as mine. But not all health insurance is created equal, there are "limited plans," "discount plans," "Short-term plans," and there are very specific reasons to buy one of these plans. BUT they are being sold by agents like they are real health insurance... not to my family!!!! 

Allow me to help you find the right plan for you and/or your family. I assure you that your coverage will be the best available to you in the market. Give me a call or text... I'll always answer the call/text as soon as I am able. That is for all of my clients, present, past, and future!! 

(248) 431-1676